Sports Massage: Not for the faint hearted…

The use of the word ‘massage’ in sports massage can be deceiving with this type of therapy. In order to achieve desired goals, the therapist uses pressures and tissue releasing techniques, which can cause discomfort. However, pressure is always tailored to each person’s threshold and provides tremendous short and long term relieve to a vast amount of soft tissue problems.

Sports massage is available by any of our expert Physiotherapists or Sports massage therapists.

Sports Taping and Strapping:

This therapy is provided by any of the trained therapists using as specially designed tape with elasticity. It is used to aid rehabilitation without preventing movement by relieving pressure from injured areas and providing support. It has also proven to be very effective for swelling and bruising reduction. 


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    All therapists provide:

    - Injury specific exercise and stretch prescription.
    - Advise on management and rehabilitation.


    Plus... you will be provided with a cleansing drink to enjoy after your treatment.  

    Showers and changing rooms are available (kindly provided by TRIB3) to wash off any excess oils afterwards and feel fresh, ready to enjoy a drink and a meal within the Krynkl building (you won’t be able to resist!).